UTA in partnership with DFCU
UTA in partnership with DFCU


Uganda Tailors Association (U.T.A) is a fully registered Non profit making organization in May 2012.

The founder of the association is Mr Ssekimpi Philip Kakembo .

The idea of forming this Organization came as a result of studying the great challenges Tailors in Uganda face, especially to achieve business growth and improving the standard of living.


“An economically transformed and productive sector in the development of our economy”.


“To enhance access to business skills, modern tools, convenient financial , market and social welfare services”

Core Values

Integrity, team work, attitude, , professionalism, accountability and God fearing.

Board of Governers

This comprises of the Chairman, Vice Chair man, Treasurer, Secretary and other

three members .

board members

The secretariat

The Secretariat is the body that does the day to day activities of the association

The UTA Secretariat currently has the following departments:

  • Executive Director
  • Membership Development
  • Finance & Administration
  • Information and Technology
  • Education and Counseling
  • Production and Quality assurance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management 

All core activities are funded through membership subscriptions and contributions from development

Uganda Tailors Association

On 5th November 2020 Uganda Tailors Association successfully entered its new home located at Mpererwe Kiyanja Zone  .23a Kanyanya 3212, Kampala

Aceng with Uganda Tailors Association Board Members

The launch of
a tailoring factory in
Mukono Diocense

UTA Board members together with Minster of health Dr Ruth Acheng , Dr Steven Kazimba Mugalu , Bishop Ssebagala of Mukono Diocense in the launch of a Tailoring Factory in Mukono Diocese .

UTA Mbarara members

Uganda tailors association members was able to reach out people of Mbarara Ntugamo and they successfully joined the association

UTA has managed to reach to almost different region of the country like Lira, Gulu, Mbale, Masaka among others

Uganda Tailors Association Mbarara members

Uganda Tailors Association head offices Launch

Uganda Tailors Association head offices were officially launched by Commisioner Dr Mutambi,Chairman UTA ,Board Members and also other members from different regions of the country .
Mr ssekmpi philip Kakembo