• Membership Application

    To apply for Uganda Tailors Association membership please complete all questions.

    · Linkage with tailors for better work and service delivery .

    · Medication and conflict resolution.

    · Follow up on polices regarding our sector.

    · Access to technology development and transfer like up to date modern machinery, equipment and technical support providers.

    · Linkages and collaborations, finding opportunities in the ministry of trade and other cooperatives.

    · Periodic orientations and training to the tailors lobbying for incentives to the tailors through social cooperate responsibility from companies and other agencies.

    · Training in national and international business development skills in line with tailoring work.

    · Provision of services to tailors and association in general that involves payments.


    Ordinary Members are required to pay a membership fee of 20,000/= which covers also the identity card.

    The associate member is required to pay a membership fee of 200,000/= and on that fee you will be given a certificate of membership.

    Coperate members are required to pay a membership fee of two million (2,000,000)UGX.

    Deposit the money on account number 12029043011111(Opportunity Bank)

    For Ordinary and Associate membership you are allowed to deposit on mobile money on this tell number (0772514217 /0754393939)

    A notification message will be received after when the money has reached successfully on our account or phone number.

  • Membership Duration.

    Membership will be durable for a period of one year from the date of registration i.e. after the expiration of your membership, no services will extend to you before renewal of the membership. Expiration notification will be sent within a period of 30 days before your membership expires.

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